Production of commercials

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Production of commercials starts with an idea. We offer concepts which correspond to the brand positioning and meet marketing objectives of the video.

Copywriter writes a literary scenario based on the approved ideas, and then it is studied by the director, who specificates it, places the emphasis, and makes the story clear to the viewership. According to the script storyboard is created. Art director visualizes the future video frame-by-frame. Before filming commercials, production-team and the director decide the vision of the project stylistics selecting references.

Video production requires thorough preparation. Pre-production includes: casting of actors, searching of locations, choosing of clothing and props, scenery construction.

A few days before the filming the customer and the creative team “KENGURU” are going to PPM. At the meeting we discuss a filming strategy, approve the details of the video.

The next step is filming itself.

The footage goes to post-production, where it is edited, synchronized, color corrected, sound and music background as well as animation added.

Great team works on the production of commercials: scriptwriters, directors, cameramen, studio lightening master, actors, stylists, costume and make-up designers, art directors, set designers, property men, soundmen, composers, film-editors and animators.

Video production is a critical work. Our task is to create a product capable to increase consumer demand and popularity of the brand.