In order to create a farsighted brand, we start with identifying differences. A unique advantage will help the brand to get a real consumer preference in the market.
The found differentiation point is the foundation that defines the development strategy and brand promotion.
In order to be deeper absorbed in the customer's business, we provide a brief analysis of the market:

  • Competitor research (positioning, name, slogan, colors, style, advertising, marketing policy).
  • Customer and consumer research. Market segmentation, choice of the main target segment. The research of the different aspects of the customer and the consumer behavior, demographic and psychological characteristics.
  • Studying of the competitive strengths and weaknesses of the company (product), the brand is created for, differences from the competitors, the choice of the main differentiating advantages that have the greatest influence on consumers.

When the information is collected and analyzed, we develop a future brand platform.
Our task is to express the positioning of the company, its mission, targets, vision, core values clearly, and get out a message to the client.
After the brand platform has been approved, the process of creating the name, slogan and brand story starts.
Next step is the formation of the visual image of the future brand. This stage includes the logo, the basic elements of corporate identity and brand book. We work hard on the consistence of brand-design with the positioning strategy. We convey brand personality and distinguish it from competitors with the help of brand-design.