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Video production of The Creative Agency “KENGURU” specializes in the creation of commercials, videos, presentations and photosets.

With the help of video, music and voices we express the company identity and product personality, convey meaning and the visual image of the brand.

Production team of The Creative Agency “KENGURU” ” is efficient people who do really love their work. They are scriptwriters, directors, cameramen, art directors, studio lightening masters, stylists, make-up designers, soundmen, composers, film-editors and animators.

In order to create effective videos, we have:

  • Working ideas
  • Responsible and at the same time creative approach of the production studio “KENGURU”
  • Private filming equipment
  • Video design and post-production at a high level

Our knowledge and experience in production, video filming, animation and photographs allow you to create commercials of any complexity.